Nathan Comben. Full time programmer. Spare time photographer. No time left!
Here is a higlight of a few places you will find me on the web
  1. Flickr

    Check out the most recent 200 photos that I've posted here. Quite frankly, this is the inspiration for my site - sharing my photos.
  2. DigitalRev

    Its a Hong Kong based web shop for photography equipment, but also a community. Check out my page.
  3. Linked In

    I have been registered on this business oriented social networking site for a long time now, its a good way of keeping up with what your ex coleagues are up to!
  4. Google plus

    While I do appreciate where Mr Zuckerburg was coming from, I never got into the whole social networking thing. However, when I got my Andriod phone, I thought I might give Google Plus a go!